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Welcome To Cruise Line Bingo Re-Imagined!

Our goal was to grab the old classic game of Bingo by it's smokey backroom hand and drag it into the 21st century of gaming and entertainment to satisfy both the serious gamer and a family out for fun while on vacation.

With multiple years of cruise line shore-side and shipboard experience in entertainment, casino and technology, we understand the cruise line industry. This combination of experience uniquely enables us to provide a contemporary and innovative approach to revenue and entertainment with our custom designed Bingo environment.

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A full complement of Bingo management and consulting services custom tailored to each of our client specific needs. Ship visits for program evaluation and quality control. 

Equipment and Custom Program Design


Full program design or ala cart tailored to the ships needs and style. Next generation of gaming POS systems with multi-media entertainment console and tablet style Bingo handsets for all levels of Bingo gamers.



A successful program begins with the on-board teams. Training provided for management and staff. Training may be performed both on-board vessels or back in the home office. Support available 24/7 and contact with a live person!

The Founders


Bonnie Vangalis

Bonnie Vangalis has been in the Cruise Lines Casino business for over 30 years. During her time on-board vessels, she built programs and increased revenue for multiple casino venues and hosted revenue generating entertainment activities. Bonnie discovered her niche in Bingo and quickly mastered the combination of guest entertainment experience and low cost high profit revenue events for the cruise line. Transitioning from a career on vessels to management with the largest cruise line bingo product supplier, she expanded their business across multiple cruise lines around the world and rose to the position of President of the company. 

Bonnie always aspired to be the owner of her own company and in 2005, Bonnie partnered with Steve Sellars and launched SeaBeyond to bring the overall experience in cruise line Bingo to the next generation of cruisers. SeaBeyond has set the standard in cruise line bingo gaming management and entertainment strategies ever since. 


Steve Sellars

Steve Sellars has partnered with cutting-edge visionaries to grow companies from seed stage to maturity and has deployed disruptive products and services in multiple industries. 

Steve’s innovative thinking, strategic planning, and leadership are at the forefront of each endeavors. He began by designing wide area networks that spanned the globe. Then, partnering to start a company addressing a desperate need for quality evaluation software and hardware for data switching equipment. Steve then subsequently partnered to launch a company that created Internet Cafes on the world’s dominant cruise lines, which was grown and eventually sold at the height of the internet boom in the early 2000s. Steve later partnered with Bonnie Vangalis to found and redefine the  long-established family gaming experience on some of the world’s largest cruise lines, Bingo. An injection of creativity and technology is the exact prescription this revenue and entertainment event needed to engage All generations of cruisers.

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